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Ep.134 Authentic Networking for Introverts

In this episode of the Women In Mobile series, host Maria Lannon speaks with Vicki Goldman, the Director of Marketing at Paramount Streaming under the Media Acquisition and Services Team. Vicki says expanding your network is one of the best things you can do for your career, but admittedly, it can be draining and intimidating. She shares why it’s worth the effort, how to overcome the reasons we give ourselves not to do it, and how to show up to networking events authentically – especially if you’re shy.

Outside of her role at Paramount, Vicki co-chairs the women’s division of the nonprofit organization, The Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home. Previous to Paramount, Vicki was a Marketing Manager at Modnique.

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Questions Vicki Answers In This Episode

  • Can you tell us about your background?
  • When the company you worked at went out of business, how did you manage moving forward into your next role at CBS?
  • How do you stay competitive with streaming?
  • Tell us about your day-to-day. How do you go about prioritizing your day?
  • How do you go about creating opportunities for others on your team?
  • What does creating opportunities for networking look like?
  • How do you retain top talent?
  • What’s been some of the best leadership lessons that you’ve learned?
  • What’s the best career advice you’ve received? The worst?
  • How can we encourage more women to speak up and have a voice?


  • 1:28 Vicki’s background
  • 4:51 Lessons learned from a company that crashed
  • 9:06 Keys for success as Director of Marketing
  • 11:28 Being a supportive boss
  • 12:22 Networking: Getting out of your comfort zone
  • 15:15 Being clear in the interview process
  • 18:06 Leadership lessons
  • 22:12 Best & worst career advice
  • 24:28 Encouraging women to speak up
  • 27:02 Resources


(9:32-9:49) “One thing I do that I feel is crucial is having one-sheeters for campaigns because we do so many different things that can get confusing. So this is helpful, not only for the onboarding but for helping to present things to vendors so you don’t have to repeat things all the time, and just to have everything laid out for you.”

« (20:30-20:35) “Going back to networking: Be authentic. Build that relationship. You never know what will happen.” »

Vicki Goldman