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#6 Building a Strong Marketing Stack (Thomas Petit)

Mobile marketing is a mix of creativity and algorithms. You cook with recipes, but those recipes need craftsmanship and constant updating. And there are two major contributors to your creativity and algorithms: software and people.

Today’s guest, Thomas Petit, thinks a lot about creativity in his marketing, and how to build a world-class marketing stack. It’s not just about digital tools though: the people are critical too.

Thomas is currently working as a consultant and adviser for a number of startup apps and organizations. Thomas has worked during the last 10 years as a specialist in digital marketing, with more than 6 years of experience in different European startups.

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Questions Thomas Answered In This Episode

  • What were you initially looking for? Where would you start if you were building out a team from a user acquisition perspective?
  • Looking back on 8fit, what do you think is your biggest take-away or the biggest piece of knowledge that you’ve gained in the work environment?
  • What were you looking to achieve and learn about your consumers by building out your data stack?
  • Are you guys consistently testing out different pricing models to test against your audience in order to determine what is the right free-trial length and what is the right price point for us to maximize the rate at which people going through the free-trial subscription?
  • With any of the companies, you worked at that are on competitive landscape, how do you go about differentiating yourselves in the context of performance advertising?
  • Based on your experience at 8fit, is calling out the free trial the best mechanism to get people through the door or was it calling out the ability to help shape their lives and help them lose weight, or was it a mixture of both?
  • Have you found that some of these same strategies that you used at 8fit have worked for you at other companies that you advised or consulted with at all to this point?


  • 00:54 Background info on Thomas
  • 01:42 Thomas’s first role in the mobile space
  • 03:43 Thomas’s perspective on building a team
  • 04:56 Biggest take-away from working at 8fit
  • 06:49 What were Thomas’s goals in building a stack for handling data
  • 08:45 Perspective on subscription-based app
  • 11:12 Constant testing different pricing models
  • 13:12 How can you make a company look different than its competition?
  • 15:05 Pointers on building brand messages
  • 17:51 Best mechanism to get people through the door
  • 20:13 How to educate and engage your audience
  • 23:20 Difference between mobile and web app
  • 25:14 Thomas’s insight on using Taboola and Outbrain
  • 27:40 Bringing your learning elsewhere
  • 28:52 Different technologies that Thomas is excited to test
  • 32:00 How quickly a machine can determine which of creative in advertising is better or worse


« I just hire based on mindset more than experience. »

Thomas Petit