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#36 Converting and Retaining App Subscribers (Retention App)

If you’re considering launching a subscription trial for your mobile app product (or have one already), you’ll want to listen to today’s guest who is an expert on the subject of app trial conversion, subscriber retention, and “humanistic automation.”

Meet Haseeb Tariq, founder of Retention App, a marketing company specializing in converting and retaining app users into subscribers. Haseeb has worked in marketing automation with companies such as Disney, Fox, and Guess and is a regular contributor to Forbes.

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Questions Haseeb Answered in this Episode

  • How do you convince people to stay and stick with you for the long run during a subscription trial?
  • When you ask users questions, do you then have different automated marketing messages for every answer?
  • Is the retargeting goal to get as close to a one-on-one conversation as possible?
  • Why did you start Retention App?


  • 7:00 The Guess campaign that took 30 mins to create and generated $1.8M
  • 11:23 How Fox Nation hit an 85% trial-to-subscription conversion rate
  • 12:53 Retention: Top 3 things to pay attention to
  • 17:21 Humanistic automation
  • 20:05 Retention goes hand-in-hand with growth


17:33-17:56) “The idea behind human automation is just a process that establishes a human touch by the means of automated personalized tools focused on building trust and providing value. And that means that you don’t just need to automate tools and resources but at the same time you personalize the message to a specific audience persona; and, they get excited whenever they hear from you because it’s completely optimized and focused on them only.”

(20:05-20:26) “So I’m putting it out there so that all the listeners out there if they’re planning to launch a subscription product out there, I think they should be focused on understanding their customers and focused on retention before they’re focused on growth because when they start thinking about retention it’s too late. Growth and rete ntion should go hand-in-hand together when they’re launching their product, and if they already have a product they should start thinking about retention more.”