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#62 Drive App Growth by Building Community (HER)

When the pandemic hit, this social app for LGBTQ+ womxn and queer people pivoted to doing virtual events. A lot of them. Why? Community drives app growth and retention. Today’s guest shares what mobile marketers can do for their community, and their KPIs.

Shana Sumers, who is the Head of Community at HER, the largest community and dating app for LGBTQ+ womxn and queer people. She’s also the co-host of the Bad Queers Podcast.

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Questions Shana Answers In This Episode

  • Talk to me about why the community aspect of your app is so important and how it helps you develop your brand.
  • How do you build a community within an app? What are the functions of your role?
  • What growth have you seen over the last 5 years at HER? And how has HER contributed to that growth?
  • How did you pivot through coronavirus and keep your community engaged?


  • 3:50 The mission of HER and the Bad Queers Podcast
  • 8:03 Why community is integral to HER and the limitations of spaces for LGBTQ+ people
  • 11:36 Shana’s goal in her role as Head of Community
  • 13:57 The influence of community on HER’s growth
  • 18:12 Pivoting during coronavirus to virtual events, a lot of them
  • 26:19 Storytelling and growth marketing
  • 30:33 Being real about SEO


« There are only 16 bars in the U.S. that are catered towards queer womxn like period, and that’s if they survive COVID. »

Shana Sumers

« The overall goal is that I’m trying to provide a space where people can build valuable relationships with others who have similar interests. »

Shana Sumers