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#16 Effective Automation (Glovo)

Automation is necessary in this hypergrowth marketing climate. Today’s guest, Jacques Frisch, discusses how he’s used automation for his ad-tech team in the mobile digital marketing space.

Jacques brings 12 years of digital marketing experience to Glovo, a mobile on-demand product delivery service. Jacques is going on two years at the company as the Digital Marketing Director, during which time Glovo has experienced explosive international growth.

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Questions Jacques Answered In This Episode

  • What’s something your marketing team has gotten really good at that’s allowed you guys to work efficiently as you’ve scaled so quickly?”
  • What do you look to hire for in your growth team? Where do you add a manual touch?”
  • What’s the goal of building tool automation in-house?”
  • Is there anything that makes the process of automation harder?”
  • What does the feedback loop look like between your product and marketing teams?”
  • What do you think is coming to the ad-tech space in the future?”


  • 2:07 Glovo’s rapid growth
  • 3:16 Jacques’s area of expertise at Glovo
  • 3:50 The key to working efficiently when scaling quickly
  • 4:51 Applications of marketing automation
  • 5:20 Philosophy of centralization in digital marketing
  • 6:05 Human resource needs in a rapid-growth environment
  • 7:15 The ideal mix of building automation tools in-house vs third-party providers
  • 9:48 Managing the challenges of building automation processes internally
  • 11:56 The tool Jacques wish he had 10 years ago
  • 13:05 Projections of the future within the ad-tech space


“I believe that most of the big players have clear interest in pushing some of the third-party providers out of the market, especially when it comes to data and ad-tech. You can already see Facebook and Google want you to do all through them directly so that way they can collect more insights into your apps’ performance.”

“So we had to learn to implement one of our team as a project manager. We had to learn to prioritize all the tasks accordingly and not overwhelm him with work and try to do too many things at the same time. So, you learn as you go.”