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Ep 144: Prioritizing countries for an international app launch

Mert Çamur leads the user acquisition and creative marketing teams at GameGuru, a casual and hyper-casual mobile game publisher based in Istanbul, Turkey. In this episode, Mert shares how he decides which international markets to prioritize and how much of his marketing budget to allocate when launching a casual or hyper casual mobile game. He also shares his biggest pieces of advice to mobile marketers who are making the switch from working with publishers to self-publishing.

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Questions Mert Answered in this Episode

  • How do you optimize your app based on user behavior in different countries and regions?
  • How do you prioritize regions when it comes to games?
  • How do you decide how to allocate your marketing budget?
  • What have been the hardest markets to break into?
  • What advice would you give other marketers who are considering making the switch from working with publishers to self-publishing? What are some things you wish you’d known beforehand?
  • What are your thoughts on creative strategies for international markets?
  • Do you have a favorite country to break into? Least favorite?


  • 1:38 Mert’s career journey
  • 3:04 About GameGuru
  • 5:00 Tracking the right events
  • 6:16 Marketing to different geos
  • 8:07 Deciding what countries to prioritize
  • 9:24 How to allocate your marketing budget
  • 10:35 The hardest market to break into?
  • 12:18 Making the switch to self-publishing
  • 13:45 When to localize your creative strategy
  • 15:46 Favorite countries to break into


(6:20-6:36) “With our campaigns we try to reach users from different cultures, income groups, genders, education levels, and interests. That’s why we differentiate our creative strategy, media planning, and monetization strategy according to countries.”

(9:30-9:43) “The first issue you should pay attention to when you’re allocating your budget between countries is can you allocate a budget that meets the minimum learning threshold in the networks in which you’re working?”

(12:18-12:22) “Be brave – Make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.”