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Ep 156 (Pt 1): UA strategies from the most downloaded apps

In the first of this two-part episode, Tara Kirkpatrick, a Mobile Trends Analyst at Apptopia, breaks down popular acquisition strategies used by the most downloaded apps of 2022, according to Apptopia’s report “How App Download Leaders Are Winning” (released Feb. 2023). Learn how apps get ahead of their competitors with app store search ads and curating the right ad network mix.

Apptopia is a performance intelligence platform that generates insights across mobile apps and connected devices. Every year, they put out the app download leader charts for app store categories and sub-categories. This year they took a closer look at the strategies apps are using to increase their downloads and broke them down in a report across three areas: acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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Questions Tara Answered in this episode:

  • What does it mean when you’re bidding on branded key terms versus non-branded key terms? What would that be from a user experience standpoint?


  • 1:15 Apptopia & Tara’s role
  • 10:42 How app download leaders are winning
  • 14:08 App store search ads: Home Depot vs Lowes
  • 18:33 Bidding on branded vs non-branded key terms in app store
  • 20:53 Curating the right ad network mix
  • 25:11 Temu case study: DoubleClick over Meta Ad Network


(7:28-7:42) “We joked 10 years ago that there’s an app for that because there were so many apps, but in fact now you need an app for most businesses just to have that need for an environment that you control with your customers and that consistent customer experience.”