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Ep 160: Shifting the mobile marketer's mindset on measurement

Today’s guest says IDFA only ever gave mobile marketers the illusion of certainty. In this episode, John Koetsier, the CEO of Sparkplug9, discusses how to use the measurement tools available today, like SKAN, to arrive at what he calls 'truthy', or within the parameters of an accurate perception of reality. John encourages marketers to move on from the past and embrace the reality that’s always existed: mobile measurement techniques aren’t always perfect.

John Koetsier also writes for Forbes about technology, including mobile, AR/VR/MR, IoT, AI, and robotics, and he hosts the TechFirst Podcast. Sparkplug9 is a business consultancy that helps tech startups win via data, insights, branding, and attention.

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Questions John answered in this episode:

  • What excites you about the mobile marketing space right now? And what has frustrated you?
  • What’s your sense of the companies that really get SKAN at this point?
  • How should marketers approach testing with SKAN?
  • What are 2 to 3 signals you suggest focusing on in a campaign?


  • 1:39 John’s background
  • 8:07 Most marketers still don’t understand SKAdNetwork
  • 8:50 Performance with SKAN
  • 12:28 Marketing mindset: finding 'truthy' numbers
  • 21:02 Become a student of your own app


(4:46-4:55) “What excites me about the mobile space is that it’s like it’s on steroids. It’s always changing. You think you’ve got a handle on it, and there’s some new wrinkle.”

(8:38-8:48) “About 70 percent of all marketers still don’t fully understand SKAdNetwork – how it works, how to make it perform the way that you could back in the era of IDFA.”