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Ep 163: ChatGPT and the future of mobile marketing

Who is writing your mobile marketing copy? A human or artificial intelligence? Now with ChatGPT, it can be hard to tell the difference. Tune in to hear from Jenny Pollock, the Lead Monetization Program Manager at IMVU, who discusses ChatGPT use cases for mobile marketing, the evolution of User-Generated Content platforms, and how AI might be used in the future to express ourselves in virtual worlds.

IMVU bills itself as the world’s largest Web3 social metaverse platform. It’s a company of Together Labs, which is on a mission to empower people to connect, create, and earn in virtual worlds.

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Questions Jennifer Answered in this Episode:

  • What does the IMVU metaverse look like for users?
  • What are you most excited about for the mobile marketing space in the next five years?
  • Is there anything happening in the AI space that you’re excited about specifically?
  • Do you see AI helping with the building of creatives?
  • Does IMVU have an element of User-Generated Content within the game itself?
  • How did you learn about ChatGPT?


  • 1:16 Jennifer’s background
  • 3:40 What is IMVU and its metaverse?
  • 6:35 What’s exciting about the future of mobile marketing
  • 8:30 Using ChatGPT in mobile marketing
  • 12:16 Using AI to build creatives
  • 15:32 AI’s parallel to the rise of the internet
  • 17:10 Individuality in the Metaverse with Blockchain and AI
  • 19:50 Real-life example of using ChatGPT
  • 22:10 How Jenny learned about ChatGPT
  • 25:50 Where to start with AI and your job
  • 28:35 Helpful resources


(13:57-14:06) “It’s really neat to push the edge and figure out what we can do and how can we come up with new ideas with AI’s help.”

(17:10-17:23) “With the Web3 application, I think in the future people are going to be using AI and generating content that can live on the blockchain, and be traded and shared there.”

(19:30-19:38) “AI is not going to take your job. You’re just going to have to partner with it. Collaborate with the AI to supercharge your effort.”