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Ep 168: Tips on influencer marketing for mobile apps

Are you considering whether to use influencer marketing for your mobile app’s brand or performance strategy? Today’s guest, Nadia Bubennikova, is an expert in leveraging influencers for app businesses and shares key insights on how to plan, execute and measure such campaigns.

Nadia is based in Poland and is the Head of Agency at Famesters, an influencer marketing agency.

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Questions Nadia answered in this episode:

  • How did you get into influencer marketing?
  • What does a day working in influencer marketing look like?
  • What types of apps work well for influencer marketing?
  • What KPIs do you use to measure a campaign’s efficacy?
  • Do you conduct lift studies before and after the campaign to evaluate how the influencer marketing campaign performed?
  • How long does a typical campaign run for?
  • What’s changed the most in the field of influencer marketing in the last 4 years?


  • 2:16 Nadia’s background
  • 3:50 Jumping into influencer marketing
  • 6:27 A typical work day as an influencer marketer
  • 12:20 Influencer marketing for mobile apps
  • 14:28 Metrics for influencer marketing campaigns
  • 19:13 How to measure an influencer marketing campaign
  • 25:36 Run-time of influencer campaigns
  • 29:42 “Use Guarantee” with TikTok influencers
  • 32:54 How influencer marketing has evolved


(6:58-7:15) “Influencer marketing is like an iceberg because everything that you can imagine as the typical day-to-day work is just the tip of the iceberg. There are also huge volumes of analytical work and field marketing work that many people don’t give credit for.”

(17:32-17:58) “In influencer marketing, around 50-70 percent of traffic, (depending on the app and the vertical), is generated by organic traffic; and only 30-50 percent of the users will follow the direct link. So it is virtually impossible to accurately track the incoming traffic and to accurately attribute it to the influencer marketing channel if you’re only looking at the direct link results.”