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Ep 170: Winning mobile marketing strategies for TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing and most competitive social media ad networks for mobile marketers to keep up with. Are you up to speed with the platform's newest marketing features? In this episode, you’ll learn all about current TikTok trends, winning marketing strategies, and how to leverage its newest features, like TikTok Spark and Shop Ads, to boost your next campaign.

This episode features Pedro Arias, a Performance Marketing Manager from the marketing and advertising agency Admiral Media. Currently, Pedro is enjoying his new home in Porto, Portugal.

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Questions Pedro answered in this episode:

  • Have you seen any trends among your clients since you started at Admiral Media?
  • Where are most of your clients testing out UCG?
  • What verticals work best for TikTok?
  • What have you seen eCommerce brands doing to prepare for the holiday season on TikTok or other ad networks?
  • What recommendations do you have for our listeners on successful TikTok strategies?
  • What’s been the biggest surprise from your first few months at Admiral?
  • Does the Meta platform still work well in your opinion?


  • 4:45 Pedro’s role at Admiral Media
  • 7:30 Hottest mobile marketing trends right now
  • 8:55 TikTok: The go-to for UGC
  • 13:08 TikTok Shop Ads this holiday season
  • 15:48 Spark Ads on TikTok
  • 18:18 My biggest surprise
  • 21:11 Staying on top of new social media features and trends
  • 24:05 Is Meta still worth it?
  • 25:36 Best platforms to stay updated


(7:49-8:16) “Trends that I’ve seen working for the clients I’m managing all lean toward UGC, or user-generated content, having the ability to humanize the brands and being able to communicate human stories through real people that are actually using the products or the services.”

(16:13-16:31) “The great thing about TikTok Spark Ads is that you’re not only promoting your brand but you’re also leveraging all the comments and social proof that the post already has – so, you’re able to expand the reach and impact of the creative.”