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Ep 171: Marry your customers: Mobile apps for e-commerce brands

With so many deals being offered during the holidays, how do app marketers win their customer's attention? Patrick Eichmann, General Manager for the Americas at Remerge, kicks off a new series on the Apptivate podcast in which he talks to marketing experts from e-commerce brands about strategies and best practices. In this episode, guest Matt Hudson, co-founder of BILDIT, discusses how he helps e-commerce marketers to decide whether they need an app, how to go about building one, and how to improve the user experience.

Matt Hudson is a seasoned app architect with over a decade of experience building mobile apps for consumers. Most recently, he became the co-founder of BILDIT, a content management platform that helps e-commerce brands build out their mobile apps.

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Questions Matt answered in this episode:

  • How do you speak to e-commerce brands about building relationships with customers through a mobile app experience?
  • Do you have a sense of how many apps the average American consumer has on their phone?
  • For brands that are thinking about building an app but have an extensive catalog of products, how difficult is it?
  • How do you assess where brands are in their mobile app journey and how do you help them move forward?
  • For mature brands, are there areas that are consistently underperforming?


  • 1:00 What is BILDIT?
  • 3:13 Does your e-commerce brand need a mobile app?
  • 8:12 Debunking the myth about older people and apps
  • 12:40 How difficult is it to build an app?
  • 17:21 What’s the most important part of your app?
  • 20:28 Commit marketing to your app


(16:00-16:30) “Your mobile app should not be an island. Your whole team (marketing, IT, and engineering) should all be able to support the growth of your app. If you can find a way to spread your mobile app out and treat it like another channel such as email, SMS or web - that’s what makes it less expensive and what’s going to help it grow.”

(18:32-18:38) “For me, an app’s overall performance is the most important thing. People are using it because they want to save time.”