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Ep 172: Getting started with AI for e-commerce app marketers

Lana Dubinskiy is an app product advisor and full-time consultant specializing in helping brands leverage AI and machine learning to optimize their workflows and increase revenue.

In this episode, Lana breaks down how e-commerce brands can improve the customers’ shopping experience in their app using AI, and how to get started with the AI journey.

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Questions Lana answered in this episode:

  • What types of organizations have you assisted in the past?
  • How do e-commerce brands get started with using AI and machine learning to enhance the customer experience?
  • What are you looking for when reviewing an app’s data to develop target goals for your clients?
  • How personalized can you get with AI?
  • How long does it take to start and launch an AI marketing initiative?
  • How do you advise on measuring the impact of AI on a business?
  • What eCommerce brands are using AI well?
  • What are three pieces of advice you have for mobile marketers interested in getting started with their AI journey?


  • 1:07 Lana’s background
  • 3:08 Getting started with AI and machine learning
  • 4:14 Crafting data-driven goals for improving customer experiences
  • 5:50 Getting personal with AI
  • 8:38 What’s the quality of your data?
  • 10:30 The holy grail of measurement
  • 11:55 Why Amazon kills the AI game
  • 14:52 Three takeaways for starting your AI journey


(4:45-5:08) “We can use AI to personalize a user’s experience before they even search for anything. From the moment they land on the marketplace page, it’s already customized to what you know about the customer. That makes a big difference. You want them to have a certain connection and make them feel like this place will have what they’re looking for the moment they get there.”

(8:49-8:57) “A lot of companies are forced to become data-driven once they start using AI because your output will only be as good as your input.”