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Ep 175: Acquisition strategies to beat seasonal dips

Sometimes e-commerce apps will notice changes in user behavior that correlate to the time of year. What can app marketers do to incentivize their users to take action during the quieter months? Find out in this episode of Apptivate’s e-commerce series, featuring Seif Hassan, a Senior Performance Marketing Manager for the inbound unit at Momox.

Momox is a Berlin-based 'recommerce' company that buys and resells used books and media. Previous to working at Momox, Seif led user acquisition efforts for apps across global markets, including Phiture, Quandoo, and

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Questions Seif answered in this episode:

  • Tell us about Momox. What’s your role there?
  • How do you manage acquisition for both the inbound and outbound sides of your marketplace?
  • How do you incentivize people to sell their belongings on your app?
  • Where are you looking to expand?
  • How do you evaluate the media channels that you’re working with to support acquisition or retention as you expand to new countries?
  • Are you experimenting with AI?
  • Do you have any predictions for our industry in 2024?


  • 0:47 About Momox
  • 1:37 Seif’s role at Momox
  • 3:42 Marketplace seasonality
  • 7:15 Incentivizing users with bonuses in their checkout cart
  • 7:51 Expansion as a strategy to overcome seasonality barriers
  • 11:52 Experimenting with tone of voice using AI
  • 13:00 Looking ahead


(8:20-8:34) “Expansion is one of the ways in which we try to conquer this seasonality problem. It also helps with acquiring books in different languages and expanding our inventory, and therefore, our customer base.”

(11.48-12.16) “We have experimented with AI on some ad texts and on the tone of voice as a different communication approach. AI comes in handy, especially if you have limited capacity or limited resources to produce creatives.”