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Ep 180: How the Subway Surfers game handles user privacy

Janos Perei is the Head of Growth at SYBO Games. In this episode, he discusses Subway Surfers – one of the most downloaded mobile games on the planet. Find out how SYBO is navigating privacy regulations in the U.S. and Europe, and the importance of working cross-functionally with your teams. Before joining SYBO, Janos worked for Voodoo and Socialpoint.

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Questions Janos answered in this episode:

  • How is SYBO approaching user data privacy?
  • Which marketing data points do you still rely on in relation to user privacy?
  • How do you communicate your privacy policy to your users?
  • How do you come together internally to discuss the business’s approach to privacy regulations?
  • How are you using some of that data to inform your decisions without operating in a gray area?


  • 1:10 Janos Perei’s background
  • 3:28 SYBO’s approach to privacy
  • 5:24 Communicating consent with users
  • 9:22 Setting up internal teams around privacy
  • 13:08 Short-term pains for long-term gains


(3:42-3:56) “As human beings, we value our privacy – so we also value the chance to safeguard and decide how our users’ data is used. Coming from this mindset has been our guiding principle from the very beginning.”

(6:08-6:25) “We try to put compliance first – so if a user doesn’t consent, we might not even initialize certain SDK systems and certain technical tracking infrastructure, to make sure we can safeguard the privacy of the user from the get-go.”