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Ep 185: Next-level ASO - How AI is revolutionizing app discovery

Apptivate’s newest host, Taylor Lobdell, interviews Thomas Kriebernegg, the co-founder of App Radar – an App Store Optimization (ASO) platform. They talk about how mobile marketers can use generative AI to reduce production time, improve the outcomes of their ASO efforts and elevate their paid user acquisition (UA) campaigns. Listen now for more details.

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Questions Thomas answered in this episode:

  • What is App Store Optimization? (ASO)
  • How can smaller apps compete with big brands on ASO?
  • How can mobile marketers use AI for ASO?
  • What is paid User Acquisition? (UA)
  • How are you bringing in AI to help with paid UA?
  • Where should marketers start with using ChatGTP, or generative AI?
  • Where do you see AI going in the near or distant future?


  • 1:08 Thomas’s background
  • 2:21 What is app store optimization? (ASO)
  • 4:18 Fierce competition on the app store
  • 6:50 Using AI for ASO
  • 10:42 Why use paid User Acquisition? (UA)
  • 12:30 Using AI for paid UA
  • 15:00 Getting started with ChatGTP
  • 16:30 The limitations of AI
  • 17:58 The future of AI


(12:30-12:47) “From my point of view, one of the big underlying topics that AI enables is what I would call ‘mass-customization’. This means that instead of running one ad and trying to make it perfect for everyone, you can run 10 ads for 10 different target audiences.”