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#20 Excelling Marketing Strategies (Studio)

Are you overlooking these three mobile marketing mistakes? Today’s guest covers what mobile marketers are doing wrong today: over-bloating marketing teams, not focusing on incremental KPIs, and letting creative go stale.

Matthew Sadofsky is the chief growth officer and chief marketing officer at Studio, a fitness app providing instructor-led video classes. His experience in the mobile app marketing industry runs the gambit, from dating and gaming to music and fitness.

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Questions Matthiew Answered In This Episode

  • What are some things that mobile marketers are doing wrong or overlooking?
  • What does your ideal team look like?
  • Where does over-bloating occur the most in regard to job function?
  • Is paid media becoming more or less effective for marketers?
  • How are you measuring incrementality in new user acquisition?


  • 6:30 Don’t over bloat the size of your marketing team
  • 7:30 The ideal size and makeup for marketing teams
  • 9:28 UA is overstaffed, retention marketing is underserved.
  • 10:38 Usability tests and surveys at Studio for retention
  • 13:00 Today’s value of paid media
  • 16:33 Indicators within incrementality analysis in new user acquisition
  • 17:18 The similarity method
  • 21:51 The importance and barriers to iterating on creative


« “Don’t over bloat. You can create a lean marketing machine using technology nowadays.” »

“There are ways that you can build these really robust pipelines and even tools that’ll do automation management for you where you don’t need the size of teams that some companies still have in their marketing departments.”

“I think we all strive to balance creativity and analytics, but I think we all skew more slightly toward the analytic side. And very few companies, unless you’re a very large company, have an in-house creative director for their user acquisition program.”