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#14 Fighting Cart Abandonment (ZINIO)

Cart abandonment can be a big obstacle in the mobile marketing space. Today’s guest covers the most frequent issues leading to cart abandonment on mobile phones, different strategies to fight this issue, and how to better engage customers in push marketing efforts.

Meet Mirela Cialai, the Director of Mobile Marketing at ZINIO. Mirela focuses on engaging mobile magazine readers from around the world in discovering the stories that matter most to them. She has been working as a global digital marketing specialist for ZINIO for 10 years and joins us today from New York City.

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Questions Mirela Answered In This Episode

  • “What has kept you at Zinio for so long?”
  • “Is it hard to keep people’s attention?”
  • “Is shopping cart abandonment something you guys come across in a big way in mobile space?”
  • “Does Zinio have any strategies in place that help you fight cart abandonment?”
  • “Outside of Zinio, is there anything that made you excited for the future of mobile space?”


  • 00:15 Mirela’s introduction
  • 00:45 Mirela Cialai’s background, where she came from, and her career at Zinio
  • 02:16 Factors that led Mirela to stay at Zinio for 10 years
  • 04:14 Audience’s attention span
  • 06:13 Zinio’s business model and cart abandonment
  • 07:34 Different strategies to fight cart abandonment
  • 10:05 Retargeting
  • 10:24 Other ways to engage consumers
  • 11:25 Technology partners that helped Zinio to execute push campaigns
  • 13:43 Growth in marketing messaging
  • 15:21 Best way to reach out to Mirela


« I am a marketer. I’m always excited about all the possibilities, and the creativity of the human mind is fascinating to me. »

Mirela Cialai

“Test as many channels as possible. Test as many frequencies as possible until you find the right mix because each company has a different target audience, which might react differently to different channels.”