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#7 Finding The Right User And Matching Your Messaging(Yousician)

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates words were profound but straightforward. Being able to attract and convert new customers systematically keeps companies healthy and growing - and investors happy - but the unhappy ones can push your product forward.

Today’s guest is Sam McLellan, head of growth at Yousician. Sam is a seasoned mobile gaming expert who has led product and marketing teams responsible for multiple top-grossing free-to-play games.

Sam is currently utilizing his expertise to help his company build its growth team and take their products to the next level. He couples their organic and performance marketing efforts with an optimized monetization strategy to maximize growth.

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Questions Sam Answers In This Episode

  • Are there any other methodologies you can implement to find interests within a consumer group?
  • After a user installs an app, it can be difficult to get them through the funnel.
  • What can you learn about them to influence their journey?
  • How often do you test out the free trial period? Is that something you are constantly iterating?
  • How does an app like yours fight redundancy?
  • Do the licensing fees factor into your acquisition strategy?
  • Does using licensed content make it easier for you to get people down the funnel initially even?
  • Does that play a role in your actual advertising campaign and getting people through the front door?
  • If there was a single core topic that you would hang your head on in your experience, what would that be?


  • 00:42 Sam’s background
  • 02:58 How Yousician developed its product
  • 05:48 Facebook targeting groups
  • 07:19 Methodologies for finding interested consumer groups
  • 08:57 Big changes in Google UAC campaigns
  • 10:17 Differences between gaming (app purchasing) and app subscriptions
  • 12:05 How to keep users engaged with the app
  • 13:24 Incurring costs to license a content
  • 14:40 Role of licensed content in Yousician’s advertising campaigns
  • 16:20 Exciting news for Yousician this coming year
  • 22:00 Availability of Yousician in other countries
  • 23:02 Parting thoughts


"You’ll always want to give them enough time to be able to experience the app and you obviously don’t want to give away your product for free at some point."