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Ep. 112 Four Growth Marketing Strategies for Cryptocurrency Apps

Today’s mobile marketer hails from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange apps. Listen to how metaverse trends are shifting the world in his eyes and learn what marketing tools and strategies he uses to grow this consumer segment.

Tarik Amzil is the Marketing Growth Manager for EMEA at Binance, the cryptocurrency platform. Prior to joining Binance, Tarik was a growth marketing manager at ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, focusing on growing TikTok within the Arab community.

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Questions Tarik Answers In This Episode

  • Why did you decide to leave TikTok and shift from a social media platform to Binance, a fintech platform?
  • How did you train yourself to be a growth marketing manager in the financial space when you didn’t necessarily have that background?
  • What makes Binance special? What’s made it one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world, if not the largest?
  • What’s your approach to acquiring more customers? And more specifically, how do you go about acquiring customers who are newer to the industry?
  • Given that your consumers range from 18 to 55+, is there a core demographic where you focus your marketing efforts? Is there a primary media platform that you use to get in front of those consumers?
  • What’s got you excited about the future of the bitcoin space?


  • 1:53 Tarik’s background
  • 7:24 Shifting verticals–from TikTok to Binance
  • 9:46 What makes Binance unique
  • 15:36 Getting listed on Binance
  • 18:45 Growing the bitcoin app consumer segment
  • 24:04 New age tools for media buying
  • 25:55 Metaverse trends


« (19:32-19:44) “Binance makes sure it’s localized in most spoken languages worldwide.” »

Tarik Amzil

(24:55-25:03) “Part of being in a rapidly evolving industry is having to keep up with the trends. So anything that’s going to make us accessible and reachable to our users, you’re going to find us there.”