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#40 Getting Holistic with ROAS (Beach Bum Games)

Is D7 your performance “true north”? Today’s guest brings a holistic perspective to return on advertising spend and investing in the creative process. Learn how retroactive analysis and benchmarks outside of D7 or D30 shift value.

Shay Yosifon is the vice president of marketing at Beach Bum Games, which focuses on bringing evergreen card and board games to mobile.

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Questions Shay Answered in this Episode

  • How does working with games people are already familiar with affect your need for interactive game-play creative?
  • How do you measure performance? Is D7 your “true north”?
  • When you’re doing your retroactive analysis, do vendors that weren’t hitting your D7 goals actually become really valuable for you?
  • What are some other benchmarks that you’ve found valuable?
  • How are you adapting your performance marketing strategy on platforms, like - - - Google and Facebook, that are integrating more automation?
  • What is your iterative process for developing creative?


  • 4:04 Creative strategy for nostalgic games
  • 6:45 ROAS curves for different channels
  • 11:57 Determining ROAS with a retroactive perspective
  • 15:23 Benchmarks outside D7 that matter
  • 20:17 How automation opens doors for the creative marketer
  • 22:51 Investing in the creative process


(7:59-8:34) “Not all channels are created equally. And we do see, especially today, that we’ve seen on one hand a lot of consolidation of traffic sources, but on the other hand, you can’t say that your audio campaign should be measured the same way as your influencer campaign, the same way as your rewarded video campaign, the same way as your Facebook campaign.”

(28:45-29:00) “Even within creative, it’s always making sure you’re taking a long view approach on things, but also to make sure that you’re not only looking at your early set KPIs but think about other KPIs that might have an effect on it.”