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Ep 140: Is now the right time to rebrand your app?

Veteran mobile marketer Ariel Cohen rejoins the Apptivate Podcast to talk about rebranding your app. He tells us why branding matters more than ever, whether it’s the right time to rebrand, deciding how to rebrand, and getting buy-in from your team.

Ariel Cohen is a mobile marketing and brand consultant based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ariel first joined the Apptivate Podcast in 2019 when he was the Head of Mobile User Acquisition at Kape. Most recently, Ariel was the Head of Marketing at Tango.

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Questions Ariel Answers In This Episode

  • What problem do you see the most in your work as a consultant?
  • What are some of the biggest takeaways you’ve had in your experiences leading rebranding processes?
  • What is it that pushes an organization to go down the rebranding route?
  • What’s the process of coming up with answers to subjective questions like, “Is my brand being perceived the way we want it to be perceived?”


  • 1:20 Catching up with Ariel Cohen
  • 5:12 Trapped in the “middle position”
  • 7:34 Why branding is critical to mobile marketing
  • 11:12 Indicators for rebranding
  • 13:30 Gauging whether you’re well branded
  • 20:45 Getting your team onboard


(7:53-8:15) “Data is seeping away from our hands as mobile marketers, and we need to try to use other tricks, you could say, in crafting better market. I think as it stands right now, the role of better branding and positioning for each product is going to take a more prominent role.”

(9:13-9:40) “How do you make your choice? I think a lot of people feel that they make their choices very rationally, and I think they’re wrong. It’s not usually the case. There’s a lot of subconscious force that’s driving you into making these decisions. And this is where well-crafted messaging and correct branding can change your bottom-line metrics.”