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#45 Transportation App Applies Incrementality to UA Campaigns

Uber was one of the first mobile app giants to quickly place value on incrementality in performance marketing. In this episode, today’s mobile marketing guest shares his experience working at Uber and applying incrementality to user acquisition campaigns on channels like Facebook.

Antoine Lamy is the co-founder of Raive, an online donation platform working with influencers and artisans to help charities raise money. Prior to launching Raive, Antoine was a senior performance marketing manager for Uber. He’s also worked for BlaBlaCar and Addict Mobile.

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Questions Antoine Lamy Answered in this Episode

  • What is the mobile marketing community like in France?
  • How many channels were you managing in a given month at Uber?
  • How did you measure incrementality on a channel like Facebook?


  • 1:40 France’s mobile marketing scene
  • 5:12 Testing 20+ channels at Uber
  • 11:11 Moving from paid ads agencies to programmatic in-house
  • 14:15 Measuring incrementality with Facebook
  • 23:00 The creation of Raive


(20:17-20:33) “The first thing we did at Uber, we were the first to do it, was to look at incrementality for acquisition, specifically. That’s where it’s really difficult because how can you look at a control treatment method when you don’t know the users.”