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Ep.129 Mobile Measurement: Adapt or Die

Phil Golas is the Vice President of Technology and Activation in Ad Operations at Spark Foundry, a global media agency brand under the Publicis Group. He consults some of the world’s largest brands on advertising technology. In this episode, Phil shares an agency’s perspective on big brands and mobile measurement, including education, dispelling fears, shifts in advertising spend, and key growth areas to get excited about for the future.

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Questions Phil Answers In This Episode

  • What got you to your current VP role at Spark Foundry?
  • Do you find yourself spending more time on one medium of screen?
  • How do you stay educated on every media?
  • Is there a particular subject matter that you really love to talk about these days?
  • Are there good solutions for brand safety?
  • When it comes to mobile, tell me about what you’re working on the most these days or maybe some big changes that you’ve seen over the last year?
  • What’s the hardest thing for brands, like Quick Service Restaurant brands, to understand about mobile measurement? What requires the most education?
  • How do these brands respond to getting such granular levels of performance metrics?
  • How do you find your partners’ ability to adapt to Apple’s privacy changes? How do you reduce the fears?
  • Did a lot of brands shift their advertising funds from iOS to Android when Apple’s privacy changes first hit? And if so, has it changed since?
  • What are you excited about for the future?


  • 3:17 Phil’s background
  • 6:07 Ace of the screens
  • 8:55 Brand safety
  • 12:11 Uptick with mobile measurement
  • 16:50 The ah-ha moment with mobile measurement
  • 18:55 Giving clients the bigger picture
  • 22:30 Advertising spend in response to privacy changes
  • 26:01 Key growth area of the future


(9:18-9:29) “With everything going on in the world, everyone wants to have their ad be seen but also not seen against certain content. [Brand safety is] a very touchy subject but one that’s top of mind and always evolving.”

(12:16-12:33) “I think over the past year-and-a-half or two years, a lot of businesses have had to pivot the way that they conduct business. So, we’re seeing a lot more advertisers, brands, and clients thinking about, asking about, and trying to get educated on mobile measurement and how to do that.”