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#35 Optimizing “Brandformance” in Mobile Marketing (Blinkist)

Today’s episode takes you behind the scenes of one mobile app company’s marketing team makeup. We’ll touch on paid social, paid content, offline, display and search performance marketing strategies, and how they mix with branding for optimized “brandformance.”

Gessica Bicego is the director of performance marketing at Blinkist. Blinkist is a mobile app that provides 15-minute summaries of bestselling nonfiction books so that people can discover the books they want to read next and fit more reading into their lives.

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Questions Gessica Answered in this Episode

  • How has your computer science background been beneficial to your career?
  • Can you tell us how your team is structured and what you focus on in your role?
  • What is the payoff with native advertising on platforms like Outbrain and Taboola?
  • How do you justify spending on tv advertising if it’s so difficult to track?
  • How do your brand and performance marketing teams work together?
  • Do your creatives change with the seasons?


  • 9:25 Marketing team structure at Blinkist
  • 10:30 The perks of paid content
  • 14:55 TV advertising for mobile apps
  • 18:52 “Brandformance,” the union of branding and performance marketing
  • 26:02 Going deep with evergreen content iterations


(10:32-10:53) “In general the people that we acquire through big content, they have a higher LTV so they stay with us for a longer time. In general, they have a better understanding of the product, because of course, they read an entire article about – I mean the article isn’t just about us, it’s an interesting piece of content; it’s also an explanation about Blinkist and how it works. So, it’s really, really good to pre-qualify your audience, as you say.”

(21:55-22:04 ) “If you have a brand and a performance team, put them together in the same room. Make sure that they talk the same language. Make sure that they work on the projects together.”