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#25 Setting Up Your Marketing Tech (Customlytics)

Marketing tech infrastructure is the foundation of mobile marketing. But, sometimes choosing the right tech deck can be a challenge. Today’s guest shares his expertise on considerations for building your marketing tech infrastructure.

Berlin-based marketing tech expert, Christian Eckhardt, is the co-founder and CEO of Customlytics. Customlytics provides app marketing, analytics, and technology infrastructure consulting and hands-on help.

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Questions Christian Answered in this Episode:

  • Why do you think Berlin has seen the growth it has in the tech ecosystem compared to other European cities?
  • What are some lessons you’ve learned about tech infrastructure?
  • What’s the first piece of technology marketers should plan for?
  • How do you go about vetting tech decks?
  • Do you have to educate your customers?
  • What changes are you excited about or expecting to come to mobile marketing?


  • 2:53 Berlin’s exceptional tech growth
  • 10:29 Start thinking about it - marketing infrastructure is a must
  • 12:25 Marketing tech recommendations
  • 12:53 Tech deck: start thinking about it early
  • 15:04 Methodology for matching tech with client needs
  • 18:30 Education and centralized documentation for knowledge transfer
  • 24:08 How campaign bid automation will change the job of the marketer


“The entire topic of marketing technology or even the realization of, ‘I need something in place to enable proper marketing,’ is something that is not a nice-to-have feature or a nice-to-have situation. It’s rather that if you don’t have it then you’re basically completely lost for all things marketing.”

“The earlier you start thinking about your marketing tech deck the better. So ideally, as I said before, definitely before you start any paid advertising, but ideally even before the ad launches.”

“As it stands right now, with the kind of huge standing in the market with that those bigger advertising platforms have, it feels a bit like they can pretty much do whatever they want. And it’s hard to kind of get away from it if you don’t want to lose their inventory.”