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#21 Starting Your Own Agency (Notable)

Rebecca Nackson is the founder of Notable, an agency focused on engagement retention in the user journey. Rebecca brings over a decade of experience managing acquisition, engagement, and product development for Prolific Interactive, iHeartMedia, Bandsintown Group, Audible, and IBM.

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Questions Rebecca Answered In This Episode

What are 3 things people should know who want to start their own agency?


  • 3:00 Recipe for engagement retention and reducing customer loss
  • 4:47 Taking notes on being an end-user to build empathy
  • 7:22 Learning which parts to outsource
  • 11:35 The people part of the puzzle
  • 14:17 Identify the one thing you do best


« There has to be this ruthless prioritization about what any of us can bite off in a day. »

« Better to be top-of-mind when someone thinks of one thing, rather than middle-of-mind for a bunch of things. »

“What really hit me is how it’s not about having the best solution or the best deck or the best pitch – It’s about the human nature and the human side of the relationships, and that’s how you get them to change.”