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#42 Talking Mobile Partnerships and the Index (AppsFlyer)

Today’s guest brings premium insights on the mobile app partnership ecosystem, AppsFlyer’s performance index, industry trends, and attribution education.

Itay Vilenchuk is the senior partner development manager at AppsFlyer, a global attribution leader empowering marketers to grow their businesses with a suite of analytics and solutions.

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Questions Itay Answered in this Episode

  • Do you think the industry is doing a good job as far as partnerships or is there something we could be doing better?
  • Do prevailing trends in the industry tend to influence the partnerships you focus on?
  • How do you or AppsFlyer approach fraud?
  • Does the index influence your perspective on partnerships?
  • What response do you get from vendors when the index releases?
  • Looking into the future, what kind of role with partnerships play in the mobile marketing ecosystem?


  • 5:00 The size and value of AppsFlyer
  • 8:13 Mobile industry partnerships
  • 11:58 Changes in industry trends
  • 14:00 The performance index: holy grail for partners
  • 17:20 AppsFlyer Partner Academy
  • 21:26 Influencing factors on the index for vendors
  • 25:48 The growing importance of partnerships


(8:25-9:14) “Something that’s missing in our space specifically, maybe in the SaaS environment more specifically, to be honest, is a collaboration between sales teams. I think when you look internally at a company, sales teams could connect to a partnership team or a product team or the CS team, whatever it is, but if you combine two sales teams from different partners or different ecosystems even, they rarely know how to talk to each other. They know how to maybe assist each other with different accounts, but actually co-pitching together or selling products together–that’s a big pain. That’s what I’ve seen personally as a big pain point. So I think we should probably do a better job of educating teams on how products can talk, products align, and how we can co-pitch together. That’s the ideal story from my perspective at least.”

(27:06-27:18) “I think clients these days need, more than ever, really good, valuable advocates and strong partnerships that actually meet the shared customer needs during this time.”