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#9 Thinking Beyond Revenue (SoundCloud)

Today’s guest is Dora Trostanetsky is a holistic marketing strategist with 8+ years of experience in performance marketing, ranging from mobile growth (B2C) to digital acquisition (B2B).

Her background includes a variety of industries, such as gaming, tech start-ups, and urban mobility as part of the smart city vision. Connecting the dots between the creative and empirical part of marketing is her daily life. Dora is constantly exploring new opportunities that can bring the business forward.

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Questions Dora Answered In This Episode

  • In changing roles, how do you go about learning about the consumer journey and how might that impact your marketing?
  • Because B2B marketing takes long to get someone to make a decision based on your marketing and advertising, do you think that change the way you looked at B2C marketing?
  • Is it required that you take a broader approach in the sense that you enlist the efforts of multiple teams in order to align the strategy to drive users down the funnel?
  • Do you find that each team has their own agenda that arrives them directly at the idea of making more money for the company?
  • Does consumer feedback play into your strategy as a mobile marketer?
  • Is it important that in your retention that you have a unified yet personalized message across different platforms or do you speak to your consumers differently on email?
  • How challenging it is to get someone to rate your app?


  • 01:04 Dora’s mobile marketing journey
  • 02:29 Introduction to Dora’s current career
  • 04:01 Dora shares her experiences in dealing with three different vertical throughout her career
  • 05:14 Dora’s perspective on B2B and B2C marketing
  • 06:43 Difference of B2B and B2C when it comes to educating its consumers
  • 08:20 Necessary steps after a consumer downloaded the app
  • 08:58 Challenges as a Growth Marketer
  • 10:49 Revenue should not be the only goal
  • 12:34 How customer feedback can be used as a strategy for mobile marketers
  • 13:55 Challenges of anecdotal experiences vs data
  • 14:30 What is a cluster user
  • 15:40 Personalize content for user retention
  • 16:51 Why Dora is more interested in long term strategy when it comes to growth
  • 17:51 Performance-based advertising
  • 19:58 How to protect your product against consumers going to different platforms
  • 24:02 App optimization
  • 28:36 Ways on how you can get people to rate your app


What I noticed is that users are like products that are very easy to use because they have such fast-paced life and so everything should be very well thought. So I think that the UI/UX experience is very important. Keeping users I think is the hardest part.”