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Ep 141: Tips for overcoming SKAdNetwork’s 3 biggest issues

Eran Friedman is the Co-Founder and CTO at Singular, a next-gen mobile measurement partner and thought leader on SKAdNetwork. In this episode, Eran discusses the three most common issues marketers have with today’s SKAdNetwork – conversion models, time delay, and privacy thresholds – and what to do about them. He also highlights what to expect with Apple’s improvements in SKAdNetwork 4.0.

Singular’s intelligent SaaS platform enables mobile marketers to unify, analyze and optimize all of their marketing channels through a single dashboard, without any required SDKs. Eran is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Questions Eran Answers In This Episode

  • Why do you think Israel is one of the top markets for innovation in the mobile sector?
  • What makes you all at Singular such a trusted mobile measurement partner?
  • What are the biggest issues we continue to face as an industry as it relates to SKAdNetwork?
  • Walk me through SKAN 4.0.


  • 2:08 Israel & mobile innovation
  • 4:04 Eran’s background
  • 9:43 What makes Singular stand apart as an MMP
  • 15:10 Pulse of SKAdNetwork
  • 19:53 Conversion models with SKAdNetwork
  • 24:40 The timer mechanism challenge
  • 29:17 Privacy threshold issues with SKAN
  • 33:10 Making the most of SKAdNetwork 4.0


(25:13-25:43) “So today in the current version of SKAdNetwork, for the conversion, everyone started only using 24-hour windows. And for many companies, that’s really limiting. For example, in-app purchases for gaming companies: not many users decide to make an in-app purchase in the first 24 hours of the game of course. So again, you’re barely going to get anything from SKAN if you’re trying to understand your performance, and you’re not going to get the Day-7 ROAS that you’re used to. That’s a problem.”

(36:33-36:53) “My guess is for 2023, the industry is going to evolve to look again at D7, maybe D35, ROAS campaigns for SKAdNetwork, which seems hard to imagine at this point. But based on this very limited signal and all the work that we’ve already done around modeling, I think it’s definitely possible.”