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#30 Valuing Branding in Mobile Marketing (Digital Turbine)

Today’s guest says performance marketers are too numbers-driven. Take a step back from your KPIs and join us in considering the value of branding and the bigger picture of multi-touch, cross-interface experiences for consumers.

Scott Tomkins is the sales vice president and general manager for U.S. Digital Turbine, a company that pre-installs apps on newly activated Androids. Digital Turbine claims to deliver more apps to phones in a day than any other company and that there is no other inventory in the world that is as fraud-free.

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Questions Scott Answered in this Episode

  • Do you deliver more apps to phones than Google or Facebook?
  • Is it challenging to determine the KPIs for the advertisers that work with you?
  • Are performance marketers too numbers-driven?
  • Do you think performance marketers will shift toward brand advertising in 2020?


  • 7:50 What stands Digital Turbine apart from any company
  • 11:34 An argument for a more holistic view of user acquisition
  • 16:11 Branding 101 and multi-touch attribution
  • 18:00 The change Scott sees in performance marketing
  • 24:43 Why we need a brand approach to app marketing


« I think all ad units can be effective and ultimately perform differently. »

Scott Tomkins

(14:43-15:00) “Would you rather for a small fee get your app on that device so you’re there in front of their eyes when they want to book a trip? Or would you rather take the risk of them going to the Play Store where there are 20 of your competitors who all do the same thing and be lucky that you’re the one of 20 that they pick?”

(24:45-24:52) “I think you’re going to see the bigger brands come in and open the eyes of performance marketers that there is a ‘k factor’ that needs to be looked into.”