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The people behind Remerge

Our Story

Remerge was founded in 2014 by five entrepreneurs who wanted to build the first and strongest app-to-app retargeting solution in AdTech, while fostering a strong and welcoming team culture.

  • 2014 May: 5 entrepreneurs co-found the first app retargeting only company in Berlin
    July: Seed funding
    October: Reaching 200,000 QPS and close to 10 Remergers
  • 2015 August: Remerge goes international with the San Francisco office
  • 2016 May: We are profitable!
  • 2017 January: Dynamic Product Ads, New York and Tokyo office
    April: Video ads support
    October: Remerge offers Dynamic Content Ads for all verticals and opens Seoul branch
  • 2018 June: Scaled-up with 1.9M QPS, and over 75 employees worldwide
    September: We got selected by LinkedIn as one of the 25 Top Startups in Germany.

Who we are

How our values guide the work that we do


We champion inclusivity and, in the words of our very own CEO Pan Katsukis, “all are, of course, feminists”. We are looking for the best possible people who share our vision to unite with our team. That’s just how we roll.


Budgets, salaries, policies, discussions: they are all open at Remerge. This brings everything from client relationships to internal negotiations to a refreshing new level. Transparency saves needless speculation and misinformation. We share all the facts.


You will be given the independence you need to carve your own role, but you won’t be alone. You‘ll have your manager as your guide and mentor and your colleagues on hand to help and share their knowledge with you. We are united in our mission, we trust each other.

04.Life beyond
the laptop

Getting the work-life balance right is key. We allow flexible working hours, home-office days (for when you need to work in your pajamas), and (oh yes!) unlimited vacation days, so you can invest just as much into yourself and your relationships as you do into your work.

Our Offices

From our budding startups in Asia, to our upscaled offices in the US, to our vibrant HQ in the heart of Berlin, our values are reflected in everything, right down to the very last beanbag.