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Meet the team

Numbers are important. But it's our people who really count.

We’re here to help apps achieve the most fundamental goal for their business: grow, boost revenue, and encourage user loyalty. Serving as a bridge between marketers and publishers, we create and execute advertising campaigns, calculate their incremental value, and continuously optimize them.

This is all made possible by our talented team members from all over the world, working as one strong unit. We attribute our success to their dedication and trust into our purpose from the very beginning. Today, it’s easy to see why this matters. Continuously evaluating strategy and modifying ads to users’ interests is the only way to keep them active.

The year was 2014 when our five co-founders recognized the potential of app retargeting. With collective experience in mobile marketing, they developed an offering that puts SDK-less integration at the forefront — a then-uncommon concept that has become an industry standard today.

What began as a business pitch on a 2-page PDF has flourished into an international operation, with over 170 staff across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. There’s no secret formula to our growth; we prefer to keep things transparent all the way. No marketing tricks, no buzzwords. Just honest numbers, reliable service, and great teamwork.

Our offices

Born in Berlin, present worldwide

Putting faces to the names of those you work with

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  • Pan Katsukis


    Based in Berlin

    Responsible for Global

  • Lin Kou

    Director of Field Marketing, APAC

    Responsible for APAC

  • Aoife Cassidy

    VP Solutions Engineering - Programmatic and Data Partners

    Based in Berlin

    Responsible for Global

  • Marian Mischur

    VP Ad Operations

    Based in Berlin

    Responsible for Global