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Retargeting, a must-have for every season

In-app purchases account for 71% of all sales on mobile devices today. That’s a wealth of high-value customers worth paying attention to. However, despite the rise of app-based shopping, the average e-commerce app retains just 8% of their customers 30 days after installation. To combat this low retention rate, it is vital to develop a strong retargeting program that engages your customers with relevant offerings. That way, you can increase their chances of making purchases and keep churn to a minimum.

Our targeted approach

Understand your goals

Determine what action you want to get out of your users with re-engagement. We find that focusing on both first-time purchases and repeat purchases can boost your returns.

Build a sound technical setup

Leading your users to the app store instead of to the offer they were eyeing can very likely cost you the order. Deeplinking ensures the user is redirected to where you want them to be.

Use compelling creatives

Our extensive study of your consumers' behavior supports our creative team in crafting ads that appeal to your customer’s taste and the changing trends.

Promotional discounts

Offer limited-time deals

Once you have your customer on board, get their wallets out by showing time-based promotions.

Similar products

Recommend what's suited to them

Suggest other items that likely match their style by referring to their order history. It might just lead them to another purchase to complete their look.

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