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An app growth strategy that doesn't go out of season

Consumers are investing more of their time into apps and advertisers have been keen to follow. With programmatic advertising, advertisers are equipped to find their potential users, entice them to install their app with app-exclusive offers and further engage them with personalized promotions to encourage continued spend.

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PhotoSì develops seasonality business with the help of incrementality

Learn how Europe's number one photo printing app worked with us to monitor and optimize app marketing campaigns during peak and low holiday seasons.

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Our approach to retargeting for e-commerce apps

Understand your goals

Determine what action you want to get out of your users with re-engagement. We find that focusing on both first-time purchases and repeat purchases can boost your returns.

Build a sound technical setup

Leading your users to the app store instead of to the offer they were eyeing can cost you the order. Deeplinking ensures the user is redirected to where you want them to be.

Use compelling creatives

Our creative team studies your consumers' behavior to craft ads that appeal to their tastes and changing trends.

Promote and recommend the right products

Keep users shopping

  1. Offer limited-time deals. Once your customer is on board, get their wallet out by showing time-based promotions. 

  2. Recommend what’s suited to your users. Suggest other items that match their style or preferences by referring to their order history.

  3. Stay in season. Holiday periods allow you to prepare for what consumers are likely to buy. Suggest relevant products for popular times of the year, such as Christmas or Black Friday.
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