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Ep. 84 How to Nail User-Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is trending in mobile marketing. How do you create a streamlined process for making it? And what’s the difference between good and bad UGC? Today’s guest answers these questions based on his tremendous success taking to the streets of New York City with a camcorder to develop creatives.

Yoann Pavy has started a new role as Vice President of Marketing at Diem. Previously, he was the Head of Digital Marketing at Depop. He’s recently launched his own podcast, Digital Marketing Finesse. Yoann is based in London.

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Questions Yoann Answers In This Episode

  • How do you source sneakers to consumers?
  • How was the marketing strategy at Depop developed and the level of success you saw from it?
  • How did Depop’s UGC perform across channels? Were some better than others?
  • What was your process for going to get more of this kind of content? How do you identify who’s a good candidate, and what was the process from there?
  • What are some of the risks or challenges when going through this process?
  • Can you tell us what is “Digital Marketing Finesse”?


  • 2:51 Yoann’s background: from engineering to marketing
  • 14:15 What does Laced do?
  • 18:00 Depop’s street filming creative strategy
  • 24:04 Bad UGC vs Good UGC
  • 25:19 Making it native for each channel
  • 28:40 Depop’s process for developing its UGC
  • 29:58 Challenges
  • 33:01 Digital Marketing Finesse


(21:57-22:26) “Going back to the marketing strategy side, it’s like the marketing 101 that says testimonials are the key. Now you’re in b2b, you want testimonials. You’re in b2c, you want testimonials. Everyone talks about testimonials like the bread and butter of marketing to sell your product. So, we kind of made Gen Z testimonials, the new version of them—they were very raw, they were very real, and completely unscripted.”

(24:32-24:50) “So it’s like really keeping the truth of [user-generated content] is I think the key ingredient. And I do think that it almost doesn’t matter what the market base is about; it could be about anything. As long as you put the people using it at the forefront, it’s going to be real.”