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Can app marketers succeed in a privacy-first future?

With the effects of the Apple Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework launch still in the air and the rollout of the Android Privacy Sandbox on the horizon, mobile marketers must adjust their strategies to ensure in-app advertising remains a viable, high-performing channel for their business.

Remerge, Trade Republic, and N26 sat down at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin to share their tips on setting up, running and evaluating in-app programmatic advertising campaigns in a privacy-first future.

Building a privacy-safe, scalable solution for app marketing

During a panel discussion, moderator Pan Katsukis, Remerge Co-founder and CEO, stated:

The biggest difference [compared to how ATT hit] is that every vendor is working towards supporting the Android Privacy Sandbox. [Remerge] has a team of 8 people in R&D who have been working on the Sandbox for over a year. A lot of things are happening in the background to make the transition work.

The challenge is getting the whole industry from one area into a complex new one. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll have a solution that is privacy-friendly and scalable.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Pan Katsukis, along with insights from Marcus Letsch, Group Lead Growth Marketing at Trade Republic and Ayse Velicangil, Senior Product Manager at N26.

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