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Data Science Perspective: Incrementality Under a Microscope

Watch the Data Scientists of Remerge, Delivery hero, and Socialpoint in a panel discussing incrementality measurement for performance marketing. You’ll learn how to run an analysis, measure the incremental contributions of your campaigns, validate the results, and set up a framework for analyzing your retargeting campaigns.


  1. Moderator: Federica Stiscia
    Product Specialist, Remerge.
  2. Johannes Haupt
    Sr. Data Scientist, Remerge
  3. Alicia Horsch
    Marketing Data Science, Socialpoint
  4. Yue Meng
    Data Scientist, Delivery Hero


  1. When to implement incrementality measurement
  2. How to discuss incrementality with stakeholders and address their frequently asked questions
  3. How to validate results and communicate uncertainty
  4. How to conduct an incrementality test
  5. Recommendations for further readings and research on incrementality measurement

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