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Delivery Hero: Why incrementality is vital for the no-ID world

We are proud to announce that our Remerge Real Talk video series is now live on our website and YouTube channel.

Remerge Real Talk features real stories from mobile marketers and their experiences working with Remerge. We’ll be putting our clients on the spotlight, with the help of video interviews and quotes that capture the essence of our collaboration.

Our first episode features Vincenzo Serricchio, Global Head of Mobile Marketing and Programmatic at Delivery Hero, one of the world’s leading on-demand delivery apps. It covers how we, Remerge and Delivery Hero, used incrementality to prepare for a no-ID world.

Emmanouela Androulaki, our VP Global Revenue, kicks off this new case study series, which sees us talk with clients from app companies from different industries and parts of the world.

Emmanouela and Vincenzo also talk about what it means to have a strong partnership and how our companies can grow together.

Watch The Video: Real Talk with Delivery Hero

See the full Delivery Hero case study on our delivery executions page.

Why we launched Remerge Real Talk

Since our brand relaunch in August 2020, it has been our focus to incorporate human ingenuity and transparency in everything we do.

Stay tuned for our next episode featuring an e-Commerce app, PhotoSì.