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The latest industry insights from AGS Berlin, 2024

On May 16th, 2024, the Remerge team joined more than 350 mobile marketing experts at the 2024 App Growth Summit – right on our doorstep in Berlin! The riverside event was packed with many familiar faces and we had a great day discussing the latest developments in app retargeting and mobile advertising privacy. Remerge CEO and co-founder Pan Katsukis also hosted a talk at the event, followed by an engaging Q&A session during and after the workshop. We caught up with Pan to find out how it went.

Hey Pan, tell us about your talk at AGS

I was joined by Hélène Gainand who's taking care of privacy-related partnerships at Google and is leading their Android team for the EMEA region. We spoke about the latest developments on the Privacy Sandbox for Android, which is Google's new, privacy-centric advertising framework that we're testing and developing with them. In the talk, we discussed the functionality of the various APIs that make up the Privacy Sandbox. We also touched on the expected timelines for the rollout and where we are on the roadmap from a practical perspective.

Who was at the event this year?

The event had an excellent turnout with lots of people from the app marketing world. It was a great opportunity to meet with old friends and make some new ones as well. We had the chance to catch up with plenty of clients, fellow vendors, former colleagues, marketing agencies and a wide variety of businesses such as Vinted and Freenow. Much of the conversation was around app marketing strategies and the topic of privacy.

How are people feeling about the upcoming rollout of the Privacy Sandbox?

I think app businesses / advertisers still have many questions about the Privacy Sandbox and how it will work both practically and technically. Many of them are eager to find out how this new ad framework for Android is going to impact the way they work with their existing advertising partners, such as their Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs). I think advertisers also want to understand at a higher level why Google is changing their ecosystem in the first place. The presentation that we gave, plus the networking before and after the talk were good opportunities for us to address these uncertainties in the industry, and explain how we as a Demand Side Platform (DSP) can support advertisers during the transition to the new era of privacy-first advertising on Android.

What other hot topics were there at AGS?

Marketing success on iOS is another big topic where there is a lot of curiosity. Apple's App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT) has been around for a few years now and so the industry has had a bit of time to adjust. I think app businesses and their advertising partners are now more interested than ever in optimization and reaching iOS users as effectively as possible.

What's next for the Remerge team?

Well, for anyone who'd like to meet us in person and chat more about mobile marketing, you can join our talk later this year at the App Growth Summit in London on October 3rd, 2024. Be sure to get your tickets now while you can!

In other news, Remerge is very proud and excited to be celebrating our ten-year anniversary at the end of June, 2024. We'll celebrate this milestone with a company offsite event followed by our anniversary party which I'm really looking forward to. It's a great achievement to have spent a whole decade at the forefront of the mobile advertising industry, and to be among the top innovators who are building the tools for retargeting and privacy that we all use today. A massive thanks goes out to our wonderful team at Remerge. Here's to another 10 years of success!

Thanks, Pan!