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Remerge's Mobile Privacy Newsroom

The latest news in mobile ad privacy

Apple and Google are developing new ad frameworks to limit the sharing of their user's cross-app activity with advertisers. This shift toward privacy is constantly changing the mechanics of in-app retargeting – but it remains a highly lucrative channel for marketers. We created this knowledge hub to help app businesses navigate the latest privacy developments and find out how Remerge is collaborating with the tech giants to build and test these solutions.

Key topics you'll find below...

Google's Privacy Sandbox

We're one of a few select partners working directly with Google to build their Privacy Sandbox framework for Android devices. Dive into the articles below where we'll share news and updates on our progress.

Apple's ATT and SKAdNetwork

The 2021 rollout of Apple's ATT framework came as quite a shock to advertisers, so we've been monitoring it's impact on ID-enabled iOS traffic since day one. Read on for more key findings.

Strategic insights

Our Mobile Privacy Newsroom also aims to document how app businesses are adapting their marketing strategies in the privacy-first era. Scroll below for a wide range of articles, interviews, reports, videos, and podcasts, along with firsthand insights from industry experts.

May 15, 2024

Podcast: Inside the mobile marketing industry’s no-ID world

Catherine Perloff, Platforms Reporter at Adweek joins our Apptivate podcast to discuss mobile marketing since ATT, the prevalence of AI and the latest industry trends.


April 11, 2024

Article: Remerge's Luckey Harpley recognized as rising star of adtech

Luckey Harpley, Staff Product Manager at Remerge was recently recognized by Business Insider for the work that he and his team have been doing to test and develop the various APIs from Google's Privacy Sandbox. Read on for more:


March 26, 2024

Interview: Testing Google's Privacy Sandbox with Adjust

In this article, Remerge's Staff Product Manager Luckey Harpley talks to the team at the MMP Adjust about our collaborative efforts in testing Google's Privacy Sandbox for Android.


March 12, 2024

Report: Remerge and Airbridge examine trends and mobile privacy

In this report, Remerge partners up with Airbridge – specialists in analytics and attribution, to share with you the latest Android privacy updates and recent developments in programmatic advertising that are impacting the industry in 2024. Get the guide here for free:


March 06, 2024

Article: Talking privacy in South Korea

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis is joined by speakers from Sensor Tower and AppsFlyer to discuss the latests insights from Korea's mobile market. Together, they cover how the country's app businesses are adjusting their strategies amid the industry shift toward privacy-first mobile advertising.


February 29, 2024

Interview: Remerge & Verve Group pioneer on-device bidding

Remerge and Verve Group have reached a major milestone on the journey toward a privacy-first future of mobile advertising. Here's how we helped to pioneer on-device bidding and became one of the first DSP-SSP partnerships to work with Google on the building and testing of the Privacy Sandbox for Android.


February 27, 2024

Article: 5 crucial insights from mobile leaders on privacy-first advertising

In recent years, Remerge has developed deep expertise in mobile ad privacy to provide app businesses with a smooth transition to the privacy-first era. Along the way, we've collaborated with some of the brightest minds in mobile – so we created this article on The Drum magazine to highlight key learnings and insights from the forefront of the industry.


January 25, 2024

Article: A 2024 roadmap for the Privacy Sandbox

Remerge, along with AppsFlyer and Google, sat down with to discuss our work on shaping the Privacy Sandbox for mobile advertisers. The article covers everything from Chrome to Android, so dive in now for a glimpse into the roadmap for 2024.


January 25, 2024

Podcast: The Privacy Saga: Apple v Google

Allison Schiff, a journalist and managing editor at AdExchanger has spent much of her career reporting on marketing technologies – and mobile ad privacy is a big part of that story. She joined Remerge's Apptivate podcast to discuss the latest news on Apple's ATT framework and Google's Privacy Sandbox. Check it out to find out what advertisers can do now to prepare:


December 13, 2023

Article: Can app marketers succeed in a privacy-first future?

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis sits down with the folks at N26 and Trade Republic to discuss how in-app retargeting will work from the advertiser's perspective in the new age of data privacy. Read the article and watch the panel discussion video for more on ATT and the Sandbox


September 28, 2023

Fireside chat: Remerge and Scopely on ATT and the Privacy Sandbox

Remerge CEO, Pan Katsukis, and Scopely’s VP of User Acquisition (UA), Yoni Ellert, shared the stage at the App Promotion Summit in San Francisco to discuss the effects of the latest privacy measures on programmatic app advertising and what they mean for mobile marketers running UA and retargeting campaigns.


August 07, 2023

Interview: The latest updates on Google's Privacy Sandbox

Work on Google's Privacy Sandbox is in full swing with the roll out expected in H2 of 2024. In this article on The Drum magazine, Luckey Harpley, Senior Product Manager at Remerge, discusses our work with Google on the development of these new advertising tools.


July 27, 2023

Interview: How retargeting on Android is changing

We spoke to Güven Soydan, Remerge's VP of Product to find out how Google's Privacy Sandbox will work, how it will affect advertisers and what his team are doing to roll out this new global initiative.


June 21, 2023

Podcast: Remerge, AppsFlyer and Google on the Privacy Sandbox

In this episode of the Apptivate podcast, Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis sits down with Amit Varia from Google and Niv Klein from AppsFlyer, to discuss their collective efforts in building and testing Google's Privacy Sandbox – an advertising framework designed to protect user privacy while still provide value to advertisers.


June 20, 2023

Press release: AppsFlyer launches Privacy Sandbox on Android

Remerge has been working with Google and the MMP AppsFlyer on testing and launching tools for Google's Privacy Sandbox – such as the Protected Audience API. This press release from AppsFlyer shares insights and updates on the project.


May 23, 2023

Panel discussion: How Lyft is preparing for the privacy-first future

At MAU Vegas 2023, Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis hosts a panel discussion with Lyft's Growth Marketing Director Kevin Hsu. They talk about the current state of mobile ad privacy and what Lyft are doing to adapt their marketing strategies.


May 12, 2023

Interview: Why privacy regulations affect mobile advertising

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis talks to The Drum magazine about the global shift toward mobile advertising privacy. He discusses why the latest regulations came to be and his vision for the future of app marketing.


February 15, 2023

Podcast: What you need to know about SKAN 4.0 & FLEDGE

Eran Friedman, Co-Founder and CTO of the MMP Singular, joins Remerge's Apptivate podcast to talk about what the initial postbacks from SKAdNetwork 4.0 mean for mobile marketers. He discusses how to leverage these new features, how to transition to SKAN 4.0 and how to prepare for the rollout of Google’s Privacy Sandbox.


November 14, 2022

Interview: Finding a privacy-safe mobile advertising partner

In this article on The Drum magazine, we speak to Christian Eustermann, (General Counsel at Remerge), to find out what app businesses should look for in a mobile advertising partner and why privacy matters in the increasingly regulated world of data.


August 15, 2022

Article: Goodgames Studios on adapting to ATT and SKAN 4.0

In this article (and the accompanying episode of our Apptivate podcast), Alexey Gusev, Performance Marketing Lead at Goodgame Studios, discusses how he and his team of mobile game marketers are navigating Apple's new privacy tools.


February 25, 2022

Article: Initial takeaways from the new era of mobile privacy

It's been nearly a year since Apple rolled out their ATT framework. This article summarizes early-stage learnings from our 'State of App Retargeting' report. Read the the article and sign up now to get the full study for free.


September 27, 2021

Article: Remerge, InMobi and Smaato discuss post-ATT growing pains

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis talks to SSPs InMobi and Smaato about what app marketers should consider when running programmatic advertising campaigns in the wake of the ATT roll out.


September 15, 2021

Podcast: The state of retargeting after the ATT rollout

For the 100th episode of our Apptivate podcast, Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis jumps in to discuss Apple’s ATT framework and what their iOS privacy changes mean for in-app retargeting. He also shares his predictions for the future of privacy-centric mobile advertising and what he is most looking forward to.


September 01, 2021

Article: Post IDFA insights for North America, APAC and EMEA

Four months on since the launch of ATT, the volume of no-ID traffic (34 per cent) continues to catch up with the levels of ID-enabled traffic (66 per cent). In this article on Mobile marketing Magazine, we take a look at how advertisers are changing their strategies in light of the latest stats on ATT adoption.


August 24, 2021

Article: How gaming apps are handling the roll out of ATT

Early indications suggest that ad clicks and re-engagements since ATT have only increased for gaming apps who are running in-app ad campaigns. Dive in for more details.


August 02, 2021

Article: How can marketers assess their efforts after iOS 14.5?

Attribution for in-app ad campaigns has changed since the launch of iOS 14.5. In this article, we look at what advertisers can do to derive value from user data in an ID-less world of retargeting.


July 20, 2021

Report: Assessing the first months since the launch of ATT

To monitor the rate at which iOS app users opt into cross-app tracking, we built this 'ID or no ID dashboard'. Combining these insights and the opinions of industry-leading experts, we created this report to help advertisers navigate the new age of mobile ad privacy.


June 28, 2021

Interview: Mobile privacy insights from a legal expert

Remerge's privacy and data protection specialist Julie Kremp discusses the latest privacy regulations within the advertising industry and shares her take on the rollout of Apple's ATT framework.


June 24, 2021

Article: What advertisers need in a DSP partner for the no-ID world

Privacy laws are dramatically changing how mobile advertising works, but that doesn't mean everyone in the industry is keeping up. In this article, we discuss what advertisers should look for in a DSP partner to help them navigate the privacy-first era.


July 08, 2021

Presentation: Adapting mobile creatives for ID-less audiences

Remerge's Creative Director, Andreas Stahl, gives a presentation at the 2021 App Promotion Summit about creative best practices for mobile, and how advertisers can adapt their creative strategy post-ATT. Patrick Eichmann, General Manager (Americas), also chips in with thoughts on contextual targeting and incrementality.


June 17, 2021

Article: First impressions following the recent launch of ATT

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis give his take on the impact of ATT so far and his expectations for the future. He also discusses the opportunities that come with cheaper, no-ID traffic.


June 09, 2021

Article: How advertisers in Asia are adapting to ID-less advertising

In Asia, more people have Android devices, but iOS users are bigger spenders on mobile. This article looks at how advertisers in Asia are adjusting their strategies and budgets in response to ATT.


May 26, 2021

Article: How UA and data handling will work after iOS 14.5

How should DSPs and mobile advertising partners process your user's data to comply with new privacy standards? What does this mean for user acquisition campaigns? This article breaks down the latest developments in the privacy space.


May 07, 2021

Article: Remerge’s strategy for the post-IDFA world

Unchartered waters always require an action plan. In this article, we discuss the initiatives Remerge is investing in to navigate the ever-changing landscape of a post-ATT world. From UA solutions to incrementality measurement, here's how we are keeping advertisers ahead of the curve.

May 05, 2021

Article: Remerge is now offering privacy-safe UA services

We're excited to announce that Remerge is expanding its services to include user acquisition. In this article we discuss our new and scalable solutions for the age of heightened data protection.


April 13, 2021

Dashboard: Remerge launches dashboard for ID and no-ID traffic

Complete with regional data, interactive maps and other visualization features, our new dashboard helps you to monitor bid requests, CPMs, iOS version usage and SKAdNetwork-enabled traffic. Check out the article and gain deeper insights from the dashboard to help distribute your ad budgets more effectively.


April 08, 2021

Interview: Mobile advertising is going privacy-first

In this interview by, Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis discusses the implications of Apple's App Tracking Transparency framework, what it means for advertisers and how it will impact both attribution and measurement. He also shares his vision for the future of ID-less advertising on mobile – and solutions for navigating it.


March 24, 2021

Panel discussion: Surviving without Apple's IDFA

At the LA App Growth Summit in 2021, the Remerge team discusses SKAdnetwork, ATT opt-in rates, new campaign strategies, creative performance and risk management.