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Ep 151: What app marketers need to know about SKAN 4.0 & FLEDGE

Eran Friedman, Co-Founder and CTO at Singular, joins Apptivate to talk about what the initial postbacks from SKAdNetwork 4.0 mean for mobile marketers. In this episode, he and host Brian Altman discuss the new features of SKAN 4.0 for mobile advertisers, how to leverage these features, and how to transition from SKAN 3.0 to SKAN 4.0. You’ll also learn about FLEDGE and how to prepare for privacy changes with Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android.

Singular is a next-gen mobile measurement partner and thought leader on SKAdNetwork. Singular’s intelligent SaaS platform enables mobile marketers to unify, analyze and optimize all of their marketing channels through a single dashboard, without any required SDKs. Eran is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Questions Eran Answered in this Episode:

  • Remind us, what’s new with SKAdNetwork 4.0?
  • What postback data are you receiving from SKAN 4.0 and how long have you been receiving it? And is there anything that you can pull from that data that’s actionable?
  • In terms of the changes to SKAN 4.0, what would you say excites you the most based on the initial data that you’ve seen?
  • If you could name one change that SKAN 4.0 has done that advertisers should focus on first, what would that be?
  • Are you currently using SKAN 4.0 to build models that prove ROAS for your customers?
  • What would you advise advertisers on how to best transition to using SKAN 4.0?
  • Have you experienced any challenges or surprises with the initial data from SKAN 4.0?
  • What’s your prediction for what to expect in the next versions of SKAdNetwork?
  • What is FLEDGE, and how does it differ from SKAN?
  • How is Singular preparing right now for Android’s Privacy Sandbox?
  • What is the best thing advertisers can do to prepare for the impending changes with Google?


  • 2:20 What’s new with SKAN 4.0?
  • 4:04 Initial postback data from SKAN 4.0
  • 6:43 Use cases for SKAN 4.0 for small and large advertisers
  • 11:11 Singular solutions for analyzing your ROAS with SKAN 4.0
  • 14:56 Transitioning from SKAN 3.0 to SKAN 4.0
  • 19:10 What advertisers can do to leverage SKAN 4.0 features
  • 22:41 Introducing more randomness in longer-window postbacks
  • 26:19 Eran’s predictions for the future of SKAdNetwork
  • 29:00 Google’s approach to privacy changes with Privacy Sandbox on Android
  • 35:13 Preparing for Andoird Privacy Sandbox


(9:27-9:51) “The feature that’s been most discussed and the most exciting for the large-scale advertisers out there is definitely the longer windows and the multiple postbacks. So, the 35-day window you mentioned is a potential game-changer for working with SKAN, especially for the companies who see more of the signal and value of the user after more than 24 hours.”

(19:40-19:59) “Technically, you don’t need to do anything as an advertiser to start getting SKAN 4.0 postbacks. It’s the network that actually has to make a change. The advantage of updating your MMP SDK to support SKAN 4.0 is that you would leverage the features coming from it.”