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Ep131 - How gaming apps are adapting to SKAdNetwork 4.0

Alexey Gusev is a lead performance marketer at Goodgame Studio, a mobile and browser game developer and publisher based in Hamburg, Germany. In this episode, Alexey shares his team’s journey to adapt its performance measurement strategies with SKAdNetwork, not only for their range of mobile game titles and genres but for each game. He also gets specific about the technical differences of working with SKAdNetwork 4.0.

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Questions Alexey Answers In This Episode

  • What does it feel like when a new game launches?
  • How long after you launch until you have good KPIs?
  • Have certain titles been difficult to manage with SKAdNetwork?
  • Across your titles, have you tried to create a uniform way of measuring conversion values with SKAN? Do you apply the same logic across all your titles?
  • Is it fair to assume that even if you’ve built out a great infrastructure for SKAN on hardcore titles you still have fewer insights than you used to two years ago?
  • At what point when you lose that granularity of data do you just look at macro effects and media mix modeling to determine the effectiveness of your overall strategy?
  • What are a few of the major changes to SKAdNetwork that you’ve recognized?


  • 2:02 On launching a new game
  • 4:36 Alexey’s background
  • 8:00 About Goodgame Studios
  • 10:28 How Goodgame Studios managed changes with ATT
  • 14:32 Why every game needs its own measurement strategy
  • 18:00 What determines the profitability
  • 19:43 Adapting to SKAdNetwork 4.0


(14:33-14:43) “What we learned during this whole process is that every title, every game–not even every genre–every game needs to be approached very differently.”

(15:12-15:36) “If it’s a hyper-casual genre, within 24 hours you have plenty of events. It gets a bit tricker when we’re stepping into the mid-core, hardcore genres where just the volume of the events is completely different and the user behavior patterns are way more complex in comparison to the rather straightforward casual user flow.

« (16:10-16:17) “Given the fact that we don’t get as granular information, we try to look at way more information in general.” »

Alexey Gusev