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Remerge expands service to UA to meet demand in the privacy era

Berlin-based app marketing platform Remerge has expanded its solution offering: advertisers can now run cost-efficient user acquisition (UA) campaigns in a privacy-safe way. The launch of the new product comes just in time for Apple's changes to its privacy policy for advertiser identification in iOS 14.5. The new campaign types function independently of user identifiers for advertisers (IDFA) or ID graphs, enabling a seamless transition for advertisers into a user privacy-driven future. As an add-on, Remerge has developed a new tool for incremental campaign measurement, suitable for the IDFA-less future. With the expansion of its portfolio, Remerge becomes a holistic provider of programmatic in-app advertising campaigns.

Scalable UA solutions for mobile programmatic in the age of data protection

The advantage: advertisers can secure ad placements via Remerge cost-efficiently on a large scale. Due to its proprietary infrastructure setup, the DSP is able to capitalize on the available inventory by securing more relevant impressions. Additionally, Remerge has been refining its bidding, conversion and click-prediction algorithms to calculate the optimal bid for each auction - independent of IDs.

As a DSP, Remerge is equipped with all the features required for a privacy-friendly programmatic partner, such as SKAdNetwork integration, contextual targeting, AI-driven lookalike audiences, and managed services such as an in-house creative department.

"The discontinuation of IDFA-based data marks a watershed in the mobile app marketing industry and puts advertisers under pressure. If you want to have a high return on your ad spend, you have to keep programmatic advertising on iOS in your marketing mix. For app-driven growth, advertisers need a partner who knows mobile programmatic, knows how to make the most out of the new opportunities in the market for them, and has the right mix of technical capabilities to deliver results," explains Pan Katsukis, CEO and co-founder of Remerge.

Incrementality for no-ID traffic for scientifically proven campaign evaluation

Remerge has another key enabler for the start of the ID-less era, the ability to measure incremental campaign impact. Remerge has been pioneering incrementality measurement for remarketing since 2017. To continue delivering meaningful insights post-IDFA, the team has built a new incremental impact measurement tool that is fully independent of IDs.

Rooted in econometrics and Causal Impact analysis (a framework built by Google), it is able observe the uplift of campaigns across various conversion events. On top of the SKAdNetwork metrics, it can also reveal a user acquisition campaign’s re-engagement impact. With incrementality measurement, advertisers can validate campaign effectiveness and boost performance with better optimization decisions.

"Advertisers need guidance in the no-ID world and SKAdNetwork might not be able to supply enough insights. Our incrementality solution was developed with the goal of giving advertisers an additional proof of value of their ad spend. Having the ability to measure the re-engagement impact of the ad campaign is what makes incrementality a necessity for advertisers post-IDFA," Katsukis emphasises.

About Remerge

Remerge is the award winning app marketing platform that helps the world’s most ambitious apps grow their business, drive revenue, and boost user loyalty. We create and execute programmatic app campaigns, calculate their incremental value, and continuously optimize them. Leading apps in gaming, e-commerce and delivery, including Postmates, Big Fish Games, and Delivery Hero benefit from our transparent, precision calculations and creative campaigns that increase installs, user engagement and grow revenues. Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2014 by CEO and co-founder Pan Katsukis, Remerge has grown to 150 employees at six locations across the globe, including in Europe, North America and Asia.

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