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A look at Remerge’s strategy for the post-IDFA world

At Remerge, our goal has always been to drive the best performance for our clients. Since 2014, we have invested in a demand-side platform (DSP) that tackles the shortcomings of programmatic advertising and one that has set new standards for mobile app growth.

Long before Apple’s official announcement about its IDFA changes, we shifted our focus towards a privacy-centric marketplace and started building a platform that is now fully equipped to continue achieving our clients’ campaign targets, on both identifiable and anonymous mobile traffic.

Entering the UA space with our leading tech infrastructure

In addition to mobile app retargeting, we are now running cost-effective, privacy-safe user acquisition (UA) campaigns for ID and no ID audiences.

Our programmatic platform is ready with all the features one would expect from a privacy-ready DSP: SKAdNetwork integration, contextual targeting, AI-powered publisher lookalikes and creative services.

Remerge's winning formula

The technical infrastructure that established Remerge as a leader in mobile app retargeting is the same one that will bring our clients success in the UA space, regardless of the traffic.

What truly sets us apart comes down to how the unique components of our platform work together to deliver high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns:

  1. Industry-leading scale. Our bidding infrastructure is built to manage almost 50% more traffic than our competitors, meaning we have access to a greater publisher diversity, more advertising opportunities, and cheaper auctions.

  2. Intelligent optimization algorithms. We have sophisticated bidding algorithms that do not rely on user IDs. Our advanced bidding, conversion, and click-prediction algorithms guarantee we buy intelligently and pay the optimal price for any bid request.

  3. Incrementality measurement. We’ve advanced our incrementality measurement capabilities to work on no-ID traffic too. Incrementality tests provide a scientific way to validate true campaign effectiveness, collecting meaningful insights that drive better budget allocation and optimization decisions. On top of this, they can assess the uplift on re-engagements.

Stepping into the future

With our refined approach for the no-ID world, we’ve remained fully committed to Remerge’s core beliefs: science and humanity. We will continue to deliver open, honest, and transparent facts based on scientifically proven and data-driven research. And, as always, we will listen and work with our clients to achieve their performance targets and sustained mobile app growth.

To further help advertisers keep track of the latest developments for both ID and no ID traffic, we’ve also created an online dashboard. Through a series of interactive maps, visitors can access daily data on bid requests, CPM changes, iOS version usage, and SKAdNetwork-enabled traffic.

Continue your app growth, post IDFA

These are incredibly exciting times for Remerge. We are looking forward to working and collaborating with our clients and partners in this new era. If you have any questions or are eager to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.


Pan Katsukis


Based in Berlin

Responsible for Global