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Remerge's Luckey Harpley recognized as rising star of adtech

About the award:

We are excited to announce that Remerge's Staff Product Manager, Luckey Harpley, has been recognized by Business Insider for the work that he and his team are doing with Google to test and develop the Privacy Sandbox.

Google's Privacy Sandbox is a privacy-first ad framework made up of a series of tools and APIs that are designed to limit the sharing of user data among third parties, without compromising an advertisers' ability to target their users.

How this came about:

In the last year, Luckey's team have partnered up with AppsFlyer to define how MMPs and DSPs can adapt their technologies to work with Google's Protected Audience API. This involved testing custom audience segmentation for re-engagement campaigns, bidding processes and measurement reporting.

They also pioneered on-device bidding with Verve Group and completed successful custom audience testing with Singular and Adjust – essential first steps in validating Google’s current tech setup and ensuring advertisers experience a smooth transition to the Privacy Sandbox for Android.

Learn more:

If you're a subscriber of Business Insider, you can view the full article here on their website. Dive in to meet the other rising stars of adtech and learn more about the work of Luckey's team.

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