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Panel Discussion: APS London with JUST EAT Takeaway

Setting up a team and the processes for success across multiple markets

With Just Eat and recently joining forces, we talked to their marketing team about the challenges they faced and the way they managed to overcome them. This panel session was part of App Promotion Summit London, 18–25 March, 2021.


  • Pedro de Almeida
    Global Customer Success Lead, Delivery Apps, Remerge
  • Marc Deckers
    Team Lead, Performance Display, Just Eat
  • Arthur Guinness
    Team Lead, Performance Display, Just Eat


  1. Differences between mobile marketing for on-demand delivery vs. gaming or m-commerce
  2. Just Eat current team structure
  3. Collaboration between central and local teams
  4. Just Eat integration: Challenges and learnings

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