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#55 Adapting Mobile Marketing Strategies During Coronavirus

Today’s guest shares how his mobile marketing team adapted its strategies during the coronavirus pandemic and saw an uplift in user acquisition. As part of the discussion, we’ll also be diving into what’s working with their games’ playable ads.

Michael Jessen is the Senior User Acquisition Specialist at Socialpoint, a world-renowned mobile gaming developer and publisher. Michael is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

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Questions Michael Answered in this Episode

  • What would you attribute the success of Socialpoint to?
  • What was your approach to acquisition during coronavirus? How were you able to continue with success despite everything happening in the world?
  • Did particular sources in your UA programs provide more incremental scale than others during this time?
  • What are some of the things you look for when you’re exploring programmatic traffic as a source?
  • How did you change your creative strategy during coronavirus?
  • When selecting the content for your playables, are you generally using content that’s earlier stage funnel in the game or later stage funnel?


  • 5:56 Socialpoint’s success
  • 8:43 Uplift during coronavirus
  • 14:40 Testing new playables during coronavirus
  • 17:32 Choosing content for playables
  • 23:19 Reasons for building playables in-house


(8:58-9:11) “Before the official lockdown in the U.S., we already had some uplift in terms of performance, working very closely with product, like more than ever before. But the thing was basically the whole performance kept on rising. So we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s ride this wave and keep on pushing.’”

(16:46-16:56) “If you create a concept video and a concept playable, and especially if it’s aligned with the landing page and the app store, the conversion is the best.”