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#57 Building Trust with Mobile App Users During Coronavirus

When coronavirus threatened the DNA of this mobile-first online marketplace, the company took a big risk to keep its users safe. The result: major uplift and built trust. Find out how they pulled it off and what they learned in the process.

Alexandra Kleemann is the Head of Marketing at Shpock, an online marketplace for second-hand goods. She is based in Vienna, Austria.

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Questions Alexandra Answered in this Episode

  • What was the single greatest challenge of learning performance marketing from the ground up?
  • What sets Shpock apart from other online marketplaces?
  • How do you keep the original sense of community now that you’re a nationwide app?
  • How did adding a delivery feature affect your position as Head of Marketing?
  • How did you adapt to the challenges that coronavirus presented to your app?
  • Where did you deliver your messages around coronavirus and changes to the app?
  • What was the tipping point in which Shpock decided it wasn’t safe for users to be using the app to meet up?
  • Would you have done anything differently?


  • 3:30 Alexandra’s start at Shpock
  • 4:50 Single greatest challenge diving into mobile app performance marketing
  • 6:55 What sets Shpock apart
  • 8:27 Evolution of being a local marketplace to nationwide
  • 12:45 The risks and opportunities that came with coronavirus
  • 18:58 Communicating big changes with users
  • 23:30 Uplift here to stay


(16:49-17:16) “It was really successful. We saw a very good uplift in numbers. We even saw a journalist reaching out to us why we did it because they had seen our messages and they had realized that this was a big risk for us. And it actually turned out really well because I think users understand that at this point we weren’t looking out for business, we were actually looking out to make sure it was a safe experience. And I think that was really well received.”

(17:39-17:52) “After all the theoretical discussions that we had around ‘we are becoming the U.K’s must trust marketplace, how do we convince our users of that?’--this was the perfect opportunity to prove it, I would say.”

(19:18-19:32) “We even implemented new touchpoints within the product because one of the learnings that we had was that, even if you use lots of touchpoints already, there’s still people who are going to miss out on the message because users don’t always read what you send them.”