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Ep.76 A New Map for Marketers Based on the Customer Journey

While there are several marketing frameworks out there to guide mobile marketers on what action to take and when, none seemed very complete to today’s guest. That’s why his company spent a year developing a more comprehensive, holistic map for digital marketers, one that is based on the entire customer journey and not just the user’s first conversion. Find out what the Marketing Master Plan is all about and how to access it for free!

Christian Eckhardt is the CEO and co-founder of Customlytics, a Berlin-based app marketing agency. They specialize in consulting and supporting mobile strategy, analytics and ASO integration.

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Questions Christian Answers In This Episode

  • What was a component of the mobile marketing landscape that you had to learn the most about or that you found the most challenging when growing Customlytics?
  • What is the Marketing Master Map?
  • What are the goals of the Marketing Master Map?
  • What do you think of the customer journey? How do you break it down?
  • What surprises came up as you were creating this map?
  • What was the process of putting this together?


  • 6:14 Why paid campaigns are the trickiest component of mobile marketing
  • 8:28 What is the Marketing Master Map
  • 14:32 Benefits of the new digital marketing framework
  • 17:18 Breaking down the 11 steps of the customer journey
  • 24:07 What Christian’s learn about mobile marketing in the creation of the map
  • 30:28 The making of the Marketing Master Map
  • 33:28 How to access the map, free prints of the map, and tutorial videos!


(15:53-16:02) “I think the second big benefit of the Marketing Master Map is to point you towards things that you might have been missing out on in terms of which channels to you, in terms of the different technologies to use.”

(28:42-29:12) “For me, this is really just the beginning. I know and I can guarantee you that, for example, the advertising strategy chapter is a very incomplete one because all of the things that are in there--there are the most important things, but a lot of them are exemplary. And there are many, many more sub-advertising strategies that you can adapt to. And this holds true for a lot of chapters in the map. The only thing is if we were to put them the whole thing would be even bigger than it is now.”