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Ep 149: Why mobile marketers should pay attention to CTV

Connected TV (CTV) as an advertising channel for apps is exploding onto the mobile marketing scene. How does CTV fit with your other mobile marketing channels and how can you measure its effectiveness? Gijsbert Pols, the Director of Connected TV and New Channels at Adjust, a mobile attribution and analytics company, joins the show to answer these questions and more. Gijsbert led Adjust in developing the first measurement product that allowed app marketers that functioned on CTV devices to measure their marketing efforts.

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Questions Gijsbert Answered in this Episode:

  • Have you always been on the product side?
  • Why do you think we’ve seen Adjust and the industry as a whole emerge into CTV in the past year to two as opposed to prior to this point?
  • What are some of the challenges you’re able to help marketers with in regard to getting a better understanding of the efficacy of their programs?
  • Do you find that when people see correlations between CTV and another medium it’s enough for them to invest more in it? Or is it hard for people attached to last-touch attribution to accept CTV Assist as a mechanism that can determine the efficiency of their campaigns?
  • Are your partners leveraging QR codes and seeing good results? Or are they seeing CTV as a way to get a message out in a more clear way beyond a QR code?
  • What kind of growth have you seen in the Connected TV space?
  • What is the biggest channel that CTV faces in the near future?


  • 3:08 Gijsbert’s background
  • 4:38 Pioneering mobile measurement for Connected TV
  • 8:33 Why Connected TV has blown up in app industry
  • 12:49 Evaluating mobile marketing efforts with CTV
  • 17:12 Delivering those correlations between two different mediums
  • 20:03 Last touch attribution and CTV Assist
  • 22:49 Beyond QR codes
  • 25:45 Growth in the CTV space
  • 28:36 Challenges for CTV


(8:41-8:58) “Due to the pandemic, people fled into entertainment, basically, and started turning their living rooms in unprecedented levels into home cinemas. So, they were investing a lot in Connected TV.”

(9:00-9:33) “Particularly for the U.S., yes, Netflix had been around for a while, Hulu had been around for a while, but we reached critical tipping points when it came to cord-cutting. So there was all of a sudden a critical mass of people who had canceled their expensive cable subscriptions and were streaming only on their CTV devices at home. And advertisers started to realize that if they limit themselves to linear television that they’re going to miss out.”